Welcome to the Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club

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Field Day

Field Day, according to the ARRL, is an event to test our ability to function in an emergency. The idea is to gather up your equipment and set up a station "in the field" and make as many contacts as possible in 24 hours. The field in our case is in Stow's Silver Springs Park atop what is called "Groundhog Hill".

The club has a variety of antennas, towers, rotors, and other associated "stuff" that we use on Field Day. Members supply the transcievers and other equipment needed to connect up to the coax.

Although it's officially an exercise, it tends to take on the feel of a contest. For several years we have been operating competitively and actually have done quite well. For 2015 we will be taking a somewhat different direction.

And of course you can't omit the FOOD. Field Day officially starts on Saturday at 1800Z (that's 2:00 PM local time) and runs for 24 hours. Throughout the period a variety of meals are available and this adds to the fun of the weekend. We usually also combine our club picnic with the Saturday evening meal where everyone can participate.

The links below point to web pages we've used in past years. Check them out to see more about our Field Day over the years.