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Guidelines for Article Submissions for the Newsletter

The software used to assemble this newsletter imposes specific editing requirements. Therefore, please submit all articles in accordance with the following guidelines. If you are having a specific problem with formatting your article, please contact me and I will be happy to work with you to resolve the problem.

  1. Submit articles in MS Word, LibreOffice, Open Office, or Word Perfect (in descending preference) as an E-mail attachment sent to: NEWSLETTEREDITOR@CFARC.ORG
  2. Do not submit anything in PDF format (.pdf file). It cannot be formatted into the newsletter and will be unusable.
  3. Article headlines should be bold font. Obviously, do what you think is necessary to punctuate and highlight text. I will do my best to maintain the integrity of your submission.
  4. Do not include watermarks or other software enhancements. While they may look visually stunning on your computer, they often will not transfer in a useful manner.
  5. Check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Please note that, currently, only one space is used after a period. I carefully proof-read but I may still miss the occasional misspelling or punctuation. You have access to this and previous newsletters; see how they are done and try to emulate them.
  6. Please submit each article in a separate E-mail. Extracting multiple articles from a single E-mail invites errors and confusion.
  7. Be positive that I receive your submissions no later than the Tuesday prior to the first Wednesday of the month, or it may be too late to be included in that month’s issue.
  8. Do not send articles as E-mail text. Compose the document per the instructions above and attach it to the E-mail. I will always respond that I have received your e-mail, so if you haven’t heard back from me in a day or two, please resend or otherwise contact me.
  9. Always include your name and call sign, anonymous submissions will not be accepted. Aspiring amateurs are welcome to submit too, but obviously you will not yet have received your call sign.

Please note that if you feel you need help in formatting your article for submission, do not wait until the last minute. I can’t write it for you, but perhaps I can offer suggestions for the layout.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Bill Roxbury, W8DIS
CFARC Newsletter Editor

Now, if you are ready to submit your article, send it as an attachment to:

ALWAYS send newsletter items to THIS address and no other. Do NOT send anything other than newsletter articles to this email address.